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Texas A&M is a busy place. Campus events, guest lectures, and a lot more take place every day. To stay informed, consider these resources.

Texas A&M Today

Texas A&M Today provides feature-length stories on and about Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students as well as research, discoveries, and more. Plus you’ll find Texas A&M Today to be a great point for finding out what’s happening on campus and within colleges and departments.

You can sign up for the Texas A&M Today email, distributed every Wednesday, to get the latest Texas A&M news delivered to your inbox.

Code Maroon (Emergency Notification System)

Texas A&M communicates all health and safety emergencies through the Code Maroon Emergency Notification System. Emergencies are broadcast by KAMU-FM radio, the campus cable television system, and emergency broadcast system radios. You can also sign up to receive Code Maroon notifications by text and/or email.

The Battalion

The independent student voice of Texas A&M since 1893,"The Battalion (or "The Batt" for short) is the student newspaper of Texas A&M. The Battalion is printed everyday classes are in session and is distributed to most building on campus. Anyone is free to take a Battalion and it offers information over the latest headlines, what students are talking about, and a daily crossword puzzle.

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