Navigate Campus

Getting around Texas A&M University's vast campus can sometimes be confusing. An interactive campus map and a large shuttle bus system are just some of the tools to help get you to your destination.

Parking & Bus Routes

How do I get a parking permit?  Where can I park?  How much will it cost?  What if I don't want to drive?  All these questions are answered by Transportation Services in the links provided here.

Campus Maps

Need to locate a building or a parking lot?  What's the quickest route to Zachry from Blocker?  Texas A&M has printable maps as well as interactive maps. You'll learn your way around campus in no time with all this help.

Campus Tours

Take a tour of campus. It might be as a group led by energetic student guides, or on your own with a downloadable walking tour.  Is it too hot or you just can't get out of your office?  Try a virtual tour. Find all your options here.