Campus Maps

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If you're new to campus, a map can be your best friend. Sometimes it's hard to find a specific building, a parking lot, or a place to eat. Luckily, there are several campus maps that can help you on your way.


Perhaps the most valuable campus map is available online at This site has an interactive map (powered by Google Maps) with a host of valuable features.

Printable (PDF)

The interactive map is convenient when you have access to the web, but there will likely be times when you won't. Also, you may prefer a paper map. In either case, it's a good idea to print a map to carry with you. Keep it in your bag or your car so you won't be without it the next time you're finding your way around campus.


Transportation Services has several maps available online to help you find appropriate parking.

Be sure you're aware of the different rules that affect parking on campus. Take a look at the Parking & Bus Routes page on this site for some general advice, or look at the Transportation Services website for more detailed information.

Campus Dining

Dining Services has a map of dining locations around campus. It's a great reference to help you find a place to eat.

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