New Employee Quick Guide

Looking down on the MSC Flag Room

Howdy! Welcome to Texas A&M University and thank you for joining the Aggie Family. This guide provides a framework of what to expect during your first days and months on the job and suggestions on accelerating your transition to your job.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything on this checklist. Your HR Liaison and supervisor will be happy to assist you.

Before the First Day:

  • Have in-processing documents ready to provide to your department upon request.
  • If you plan to start health insurance the first day of employment, inform your hiring contact and review insurance options.*
  • Discuss with HR Liaison when to expect the first paycheck. See Payroll Calendars.
  • Know where to park on the first day.

On the First Day:

  • Obtain a UIN (Universal Identification Number).
  • Obtain a NetID (university email username).
    • NetID: ______________________________
  • Obtain your work email account.
    • Email: ______________________________
  • If you plan to start health coverage immediately, sign up using iBenefits.**
  • Obtain an Aggie Card (staff ID).
  • Obtain a parking permit if you plan to park on campus.

In the First Week:

  • Set up your outgoing voice mail message
  • Secure keys and access cards as required.
  • Learn TimeTraq or your department’s time reporting process, if applicable.
  • Learn LeaveTraq or your department’s leave reporting process.
  • Understand the steps for new employee benefit enrollment.
  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss your job description and performance expectations.

In the First Month:

First 60 Days

  • Make insurance selection in iBenefits within 60 days of employment if you are benefit eligible. Otherwise, the insurance coverage will automatically default to the university's basic coverage package.

Check Your Knowledge

As you navigate through the first few weeks, check your knowledge against the following checklist.

Your Job

  • Your duties, responsibilities and performance standards
  • How your performance will be evaluated
  • Training requirements

Your Workplace

  • How your department is organized
  • Your department/college's mission, goals and core functions
  • Your division's mission, goals and core functions

Workplace Procedures

  • Safety procedures and emergency exits
  • Time reporting procedures
  • Procedures for requesting leave and reporting absences
  • How to obtain supplies
  • How to make personal and long-distance phone calls
  • Rules for after hour access to your work area
  • How to access System and University policies, regulations and rules


  • How to access information on the university web site
  • Employee development opportunities
  • How to access the free Employee Assistance Program services

* The university begins paying a share of the premiums beginning the 1st of the month that follows the 60th day of employment.

** Unless you enroll your first day, your insurance will take effect, at the earliest, the 1st of the month that follows the date of your coverage selection.